I’m back in my chastity belt. Master holds the key. This time, there’s no reprieve. No need to be unlocked to work, no need to be unlocked for pole class. The only work I do now is slave work and the yoga I do at home doesn’t require me to be unlocked. It’s been about 32 hours since he shut the padlock and I don’t know when it’s coming off.

Hang on, let me rephrase that last bit. Yes, I know when it’s coming off… It’s coming off when he next fucks my ass, which is in about 2 hours. After that, I get to edge, which will be the closest thing to an orgasm I get to experience for awhile now, so a girl’s gotta take what she can. And right after that, the belt goes back on.

The aim is to get me to the point where I’m thankful just for the chance to edge because it sure beats rubbing a metal shield. Last night, I was so horny I begged Master to allow me to read some porn and use a vibrator over the belt. It felt good in a detached distant kinda way, but edge I could not. Not even close.

I felt a bit of a mental shift halfway through my little endeavor. I felt helpless knowing how much in Master’s control I am with just this metal belt around my waist. I’m entirely reliant on him for pleasure, seeing as my own efforts come to naught. I felt even more helpless knowing that he enjoys denying me said pleasure, and that I probably won’t get to enjoy an orgasm for a very very long time.

I am curious to see how long I can go. I think the longest I’ve gone without cumming has been two months. I got cranky and came up with all sorts of silly excuses to not wear the belt. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work… But none of that matters now. And that’s frightening. Master could actually just ignore my whining, lock a gag on me till I cease trying. Oh that’s actually pretty hot.

Next week, Master will spend 2 days away from home for work. It’ll be the first time we are sleeping apart. I’ll be locked up. I’ll have a safety key but Master will know if I use it, so I’m not to do so unless absolutely absolutely necessary. The helplessness is tenfold knowing he won’t be around for me to beg to unlock me for something frivolous, not that he ever succumbs but you know what I mean.

And of course, because I’m so freaking horny, my lizard brain is pushing me to ask Master to try and meet someone on tinder while away so he can cuck me. My brain has been a lot of weird places of late and this one keeps repeating. Urgghhhh. Realistically, it’s not going to happen this trip, but Master has to travel for work pretty often so I can see it happening soon. Is it weird I just want to be locked up, at home, vibrating myself through the chastity belt and thinking about Master fucking someone else?

I’m back in that space where I don’t really want to be in the scene. I find I oscillate between wanting to be humiliated in front of the other woman and wanting to be cast aside. The latter always seems to be far more fulfilling, maybe because I’m introverted and don’t really want to deal with awkward social interactions. But maybe this is also cos we haven’t actually had someone play with us who wanted to humiliate me. Most of the time, I’m joining in as an equal or co-domming with Master, so it doesn’t really check my boxes.

Anyway, that’s the end of my horny monologue. If you got this far, well done, you! Know that while writing this post, I was giving myself an enema and then shoving a giant plug up my ass to warm it up for Master. Both are complete and I can go back to my horny fantasies while I wait for Master to finish up whatever it is he is doing and come use me!

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