Today I learnt…

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Today I learnt… (1) to be careful what I ask for, and (2) never to challenge Master.

A few days back, I was texting a female submissive friend in Singapore. She’s played with me and Master before, so we know each other quite well. She shared that she was seeing someone new, but that he wasn’t kinky. Open to kink, but she was the one with the perverse mind. I told her it was the same with me and Master. Master’s pretty fixed in his kink preferences so most of our scenes tend to look rather similar – impact followed by a rough anal pounding. I joked that I too felt I was the one with the more perverse mind and that perhaps I should “script” scenes for Master in future.

Whoops! Now, of course I was just joking… I would never dream of topping from the bottom like that. And it isn’t true that Master doesn’t have a perverse mind nor the capacity to come up with creative scenes. When we first started playing with each other, each scene was markedly different from the next. It was definitely more a case of falling into a sort of comfortable pattern… But I won’t deny that I very much enjoy variety in kink.

Anyway, Master read the exchange and wasn’t too amused. We had a pretty serious discussion in which he asked me to share some ideas I’ve had of late. He also explained that he’s been preoccupied with his new job and thus doesn’t always have the time or energy to come up with fresh scenes. I felt pretty bad, but shared that my head’s been very very far out in the gutter of late, especially since I’ve been locked up in my chastity belt for a week now, and have only been allowed to edge once.

I shared my desire to be intensely humiliated, to be used and stored away like an object, to be treated like nothing. I also shared that I would like him to be meaner with me. He told me that he’s feared doing so because he can come across as extremely sharp and distant, and with all the changes that have been taking place in our lives over the past months, he did not want me to feel at all negative about him and our relationship. I told him I understood but that I was ready. I begged to be made to feel small, insignificant, worthless, nothing.

Fast forward to today… We’d scheduled in a little play session in the evening. I asked Master if he’d like me to dress up and he said yes, so I put on some trashy makeup, tied my hair up in pigtails, and donned a really skimpy bikini from WickedWeasel. When I presented myself to Master, I expected the scene to start with some impact and then for him to take my ass roughly, and for the scene to end at around dinner time for me to start cooking. However, the first thing Master did, after putting on my collar, was to drag me under his desk and tell me to make myself useful. I thought that meant giving him a blowjob, but he wanted a footstool instead.

I squeezed myself under his desk in a ball on my hands and knees; I fit in just nicely next to his computer. Master rested his feet on my back and continued reading/watching whatever it is he was doing before we started. I don’t know how long I was kept under the desk – long enough for my toes to hurt from being curled under. I tried uncurling them without moving too much but then I started trembling from the weight of his feet. “Stop moving,” Master said. I tried, and perhaps managed another five minutes before starting to tremble again.

“Get out from under there.” Master pulled me over to the rug by the side of the bed in his mancave. “Kneel.” I did so, but before I could make myself comfortable, he plonked his feet on one of my shoulders and directed me to keep still again. It was much tougher this time, the position was not a comfortable one so I started fidgeting to try to get comfortable. Then came the kicker – “How do you feel knowing that I’m busy chatting with other women while you’re kneeling there?”

So that’s what he was doing… I knew that Master had been on dating apps to find someone in Paris for when he goes up there next week, and it really shouldn’t have been that big a surprise… But I felt quite small knowing that I’d dressed up and prepared myself for play and he was busy talking to other women. I didn’t know how to respond to him so I just let out a little moan. I felt my pussy, still locked up in the chastity belt, gush from me feeling quite worthless. I tried rubbing my cheek against his calve in a show of affection, forgetting that I wasn’t supposed to move.

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you even be a good footstool?” Master asked before yanking me up by the collar and dragging me into our bedroom. Again, I thought he was going to throw me on the bed and start spanking or fucking me, but instead, he opened my closet door and told me to get in. My closet is a little built in space in the corner of our bedroom, about the width of a normal door. There’s no base to it, just floor. The door to it locks from the outside, and the inside space is probably just one square meter. I pushed my clothes to a side and sat on the floor, cross legged. Master shut the door and locked it. “I don’t want to hear you and you better not fall asleep in there.” Yes, Master.

A few minutes later, the door swung open and Master poked his head in to look at me. “Go and insert your butt plug. Use your lube dispenser. When you’re done, I expect you to get back in the closet and pull the door shut.” The lube dispenser he was referring to was my pussy… Since he no longer fucks it, that’s all he uses it for. I hurried to the washroom and did as told. The plug is a pretty big one, about two inches in diameter, but I managed to insert it pretty easily. I shut the closet door as instructed and waited.

I heard footsteps and then the door opening. Master stood before me, naked from the waist down, his cock already hard. I knew what I was supposed to do – I quickly got on my knees and took him in my mouth. He allowed me a little time to get my mouth and his cock wet with saliva, then pushed himself all the way in till he was balls deep in my mouth. “Your ass and your mouth are the only two holes that matter, the only two holes that are useful. Your pussy is only good for producing lube.” I gushed even more, mouthing Yes Master inaudibly while he was deep in my throat. Then he was gone, the closet door locked once again.

With the plug deep in my ass, pushed in even deeper by the crotch band of my chastity belt, it was not a comfortable wait. Yet, I’ve always loved confinement, and the idea that I was being stored away like a piece of furniture till Master had use for me got me so aroused. It was the same with being used as a footstool, something Master has surprisingly never done before. When I was under his desk, I felt so fulfilled I wished I could do it all the time when he was working.

After more minutes, the door opened again and Master told me to follow him. We headed to the living room and he told me to kneel next to the sofa. He sat on the sofa before me and gestured to me to suck him. Of course I did, as enthusiastically as I could. At some point, my teeth must have grazed his cock and he slapped me hard across the face a few times. “Make yourself useful, make me cum,” he said, so I tried. But I didn’t manage to do so (I suspect he’d already cum once just before) and he stood up and jerked himself off onto my face.

The funny thing is… Master has never cum on my face before. He loves fucking me in the ass so much he ALWAYS finishes there. It was glorious to feel his cum spurt all over my face, on my forehead, nose and upper lip. When he was done, he told me to prepare him something to eat. I had 15 minutes, and I wasn’t to waste any time cleaning myself up. So I did… I cooked him a plate of carbonara with dried cum on my face and my pussy juice snaking down my thigh. I guess this is what they call domestic discipline? Let’s just say I’ve never been so aroused while cooking before.

When I served him his plate of pasta, he told me to plan my schedule for the next two days in my planner. I was to show it to him when I was done, and then he would decide if I got to eat or not. I was a tad confused as I’d only cooked one portion, but I worked on my schedule anyway. Thankfully, he was happy with it and gave me further instructions – I was to bake a quiche while still covered in cum and I would get to have a slice as my dinner. Again, cooking might actually be my new kink. 😉

While the quiche was in the oven, I was given permission to clean up (finally), and then to have my dinner and write this entry. Master told me that he would use my ass before bedtime, which is right about now. Some final words before I go… I loved this scene. It was very extended and put me in exactly the headspace I needed. I feel very much a happy houseslave, worthless yet useful, cast aside yet desired. I haven’t cum in more than a week and I’ve been locked up in my belt for a week now. I don’t see myself cumming for a long long time, nor do I see the belt coming off except for Master to take my ass. I couldn’t be happier.

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