About Me


The name is a marriage between one of my kinks and Master’s favourite moniker for me.

I am a Quean. I am ceaselessly fascinated by cuckqueaning although my inclination to pursue it in person waxes and wanes.

Master has always called me his petit cochon, which translates to Little Piggy, due in part to my undying love for food and in part to my perverse and depraved mind, which he fell in love with.

And that, dear friends, is how LittleQueanPiggy was born. But please call me L. It’s a lot less of a mouthful.

Who Am I

I’m no greenhorn to kink. I have two decades of active kink experience, I’m a retired Professional Dominatrix of 7 years, and I used to be a kink educator and community leader whilst in Singapore.

While I might be the submissive in a power exchange dynamic with my loving husband, I’m also a switch who enjoys taking the reins from time to time.

My kinks are aplenty… I love chastity, tease & denial, deepthroating, anal sex & stretching, impact and degradation. I love giving and receiving all of the above. I also love all things related to cuckoldry/cuckqueaning and general power play.

My Dynamic

I’m happily married to my Master. Without question, he is the best man I know and I am proud to wear his collar.

We identify as Master/slave or Owner/pet. By choice, our roles within the marriage are traditional, best defined as a 1950s household.

I write a lot about my dynamic, but I must emphasise that while everything written was true at the point of posting, life happens and they may not be true at present, even if the intention to be consistent was there.

One thing is consistent though. Whether or not I wear my chastity belt or my collar, I am his.

Random Vanilla Bits

Seeing as you’ve made it this far in my profile, here you go…

  • I’m only 5’1″/156cm in height. I’m tiny.
  • I’m trilingual. I speak English fluently, Mandarin and French poorly.
  • I love animals. I have a cat whom I love possibly more than Master.
  • I adore cooking.
  • I do yoga many times a week.
  • I love gaming and am hooked on Animal Crossing New Horizons and Pocket Camp.
  • I’m extremely introverted. Like extremely. I don’t make friends easily nor do I find small talk easy. So please don’t send me a message saying just “hi” and expect any form of engagement.
  • I’m a hermit. One social event a week is plenty.
  • INFJ, if it interests you.

Getting to Know Me

If you wish to exchange with me, you’re more than welcome to. Especially if you’re also a cuckquean, I’d love to connect! I enjoy sharing about my experiences and kinks. You can also connect with me on FetLife via the button below.