Back With A Bang

My new dildo

Quite literally. Master banged my brains out yesterday.

The both of us came down with Covid two weeks ago, which was quite unfortunate. We thought it was the common flu at first since our initial few antigen tests were negative. After a week of not getting much better, we tested again and this time we were positive. Master and I are both very healthy. We eat well, work out regularly and we don’t have any underlying medical conditions. And thank goodness for that, because covid damn near wiped us. I cannot imagine how much worse it might have been had we not been triple vaccinated and in good health.

On the M/s side, we had to pause everything for two whole weeks. I didn’t wear my collar nor my chastity belt for the duration, and I slept in Master’s bed nightly to ensure I would recover as quickly as possible. We committed to resuming our dynamic this weekend, so the collar and belt went back on Friday and I returned to my pet bed in the closet that night. I have to admit that after such a long break, everything is uncomfortable. The collar feels even more restrictive than before, the belt is a bother, and I slept fitfully the whole of Friday night.

We played for the first time in two weeks today. We had planned to play last weekend, but Master’s condition took a turn for the worse so we ended up shelving our plans and focusing on recuperation. The both of us have been so horny we’ve been feeling each other up every chance we get, and Master spent the past few days whispering in my ear all the depraved things he would do with me when we play. And play we did. Hard. I was feeling a little concerned before our scene, considering it’s been a while since I last properly submitted. My head wasn’t quite in the right space, and I was worried my body wouldn’t cooperate. But of course, I needn’t have because I was dripping wet barely five minutes in.

Master had me stand to start, bent over the bed with my back arched. He blindfolded me, something I appreciated very much. Being blindfolded helps me get in the submissive headspace with ease as it reduces distractions and helps me focus. I was wearing a cute pair of micro shorts and they gave me a delectable bubble butt, something I was quite sure would drive Master crazy. And it worked. As he flogged and whipped me on the ass and pussy, he kept groping my ass and pushing his hard-on against me. The more I squealed, the harder he got.

Unfortunately, I kept breaking position as Master struck me, forgetting to keep the arch in my back the way he liked, swaying my weight from side to side as the flogger and dragon tongue whip struck the sensitive flesh at the sides of my butt and thighs. Master did not like that and clamped my nipples with the weighted clovers. “Maybe these will help you keep still,” he said before giving them each a push, causing them to swing and pull hard on my sensitive nipples. I gasped and endeavored to stay as still as possible. It worked, but only till Master brought out the harsher pain toy – the looped delrin paddle.

Oh, that was difficult. I started fidgeting again and I also started to make a lot of noise. Having not taken any pain in so long, it was challenging to suffer gracefully! That in itself is quite an oxymoron eh. Not wanting to disturb the neighbors, Master grabbed our new gag, a 3d printed silicone piece of art which fits securely inside the mouth, ensuring total silence, and stuffed it in me. (I will review this gag soon as it’s truly a thing of beauty.) With the gag securely lodged in my mouth, I could only make muffled moans as he hit me. Of course, I did my best to stay still… I didn’t want the clamps to swing too much! I was in so much pain it was beautiful. I’d missed the sensation!

At one point, Master shoved my small pink vibrator inside my shorts, drawing it up nice and snug against my needy clit. He turned it on low and it buzzed comfortingly against me. I haven’t cum in such a long time… Not since 24 February so it’s been seven weeks and two days. (The longest I’d gone without a clit orgasm in the past was seven weeks, so this is truly the longest run.) The bittersweet part is that I know I won’t be cumming from my clit anytime soon. Master still has to cuck me eight more times before I get any form of clitoral release and I’m quite sure that even then, he’s going to give me a ruined orgasm. He’s hinted at it.

Anyway, the vibration against my clit felt amazing… And gave me the strength to take more strokes without too much fuss. Just as I was starting to really enjoy the stimulation, Master removed the vibrator, and then he removed the clamp on my left nipple! Ouch! That hurt really bad. I screamed into the gag and he burst out laughing. What a prick. He gave me a few more strokes of the cane, I think, and then yanked the other clamp off. He kept tweaking my tortured nipples while laughing in my ear and rubbing his hard-on against my ass. He really can be quite the sadist when he’s in the mood.

“Spread your ass cheeks,” Master said. I knew what was coming. He started stretching my ass with his fingers, lubing it up nicely on the inside. Then, he pushed what I think was our smallest dildo in. It wasn’t much of a challenge and my ass swallowed it with ease. I felt something unfamiliar next. I put two and two together and figured he’d moved on to our new purple/yellow dildo and was using the top half to stretch me out. The new dildo has a nice gradual taper, so the middle of the dildo is probably about 5cm in diameter, the base 6.5cm. It is also ridged and felt quite heavenly in my ass. I came plenty, of course.

Master had me lie down on my back next, the dildo still lodged in my ass, and penetrated me in the pussy. It’s been sooooo long since he last fucked me in the pussy that I damn near came instantaneously. Still, I knew I wasn’t allowed pussy orgasms so I relaxed my muscles and avoided the build up. Master could tell when my orgasm was imminent and he quickly pulled out and replaced the dildo in my ass with his cock, much to my disappointment. I was nice and loose by that point, and he made a show of pointing it out, telling me how he can’t wait to fuck Ms D’s tight pussy. Honestly, I can’t wait to be cucked again too so I found myself agreeing with him wholeheartedly.

He flipped me over so I was lying on my belly and started pistoning his rock hard erection in and out of my ass. After two weeks of no anal action, it was quite difficult to take! My sphincter felt really sensitive, but I also found myself loving the discomfort. It’s kinda fucked up but I actually love it when our anal sex hurts a little. Not to the point of overstretching till I tear, of course, but I like it when it is a challenge. It makes me feel like a toy, manhandled for Master’s amusement and pleasure. Anyway, I soon felt Master penetrate me with the new dildo again, and this time he kept constant pressure on it against my ass. “Relax, it’s quite big so I’m not going to push too hard. If it goes in, it goes in. If it doesn’t, it’s fine,” Master said.

But of course my overzealous ass decided it was going to take it all, and I soon felt the large base of the dildo pop in, filling me up more than I’d ever been before. The pressure took some getting used to. I stayed very very still, forcing myself to relax and accommodate the intruder. Master was thrilled, to say the least. I’d proven myself his depraved fuck pig yet again. He made me suck him while the purple monster remained lodged deep in my ass, and once he was nice and hard, he removed the dildo and replaced it with our smallest one, asking me to hold it in position while he slid his cock in above it. I guess this is his favourite way to cum now, from double anal penetration. I love it, of course. I can’t cum, I can’t do anything but lie there and hold the dildo in position for him, feeling like nothing but a warm loose hole.

With the dildo still in my ass and Master’s warm cum slowly dribbling out of it, Master told me to flip over on my back, tossed me my vibrator and told me I’d earned 30 seconds of stimulation on my clit. Of course, I knew not to edge, not to cum, but I was so grateful for the clitoral attention. I felt myself creeping to the edge multiple times and had to lift the vibrator off my clit for a second or two before reapplying it. It was delicious. Do I miss cumming from my clit? Hell yes. I even miss just being able to edge. I would probably be thankful just for the opportunity to edge, honestly, even if I knew that it wouldn’t end with me cumming. But I know what I’ve given up. I made my bed and now I must lie in it, just like many of the other things I no longer have access to. Good god, I love it. Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m not!

After our scene, both Master and I were exhausted. We still aren’t in top form, for sure. Master didn’t fuck me as long nor as hard as he usually does. Covid has dramatically reduced his stamina for the time being. It’s just something we both have to build up again, but I’m so glad we played. So so glad. It feels really really good to be back in action!

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