My M/s Contract (1 Apr – 30 Jun)

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

Of piggy’s own free will, it offers itself in slavery for the period beginning 1 April 2022 and ending 30 June 2022. 

During the period expressed above, piggy will devote itself completely to Master without hesitation in accordance with the rules, rituals and protocols outlined below. 

General Rules

piggy submits to Master’s will and accepts his authority over it for its purpose is to serve, obey and please him. piggy consents to being managed, disciplined and controlled in a manner beneficial to its training and long-term service to Master. 

piggy accepts that all important decision making is in Master’s hands. piggy will submit to Master’s decision once it has been made. 

piggy is responsible for communicating its thoughts and feelings to Master through its journal honestly, thoughtfully and respectfully. piggy will willingly discuss any issues with Master that limits its trust. It will not hide anything from Master. 

piggy will wear its collar 24/7. If it is the leather collar, piggy will ask Master to remove it before taking a shower and return to have it replaced right after. 

If going out with Master, piggy will wear whatever Master wishes it to. piggy may put an outfit together but will change immediately upon Master’s request. Master will decide if the chastity belt stays on or comes off for outings.

piggy accepts that it has no authority over its appearance. It will always style itself as per Master’s preferences for hair and make up, and will submit to Master’s choices for haircuts. 

piggy will ensure that it eats healthily and keeps itself fit through regular exercise. piggy will always ask for permission if it would like to snack. 

piggy will run Master’s household effectively, ensuring Master has 3 home-cooked meals daily and access to a well-stocked pantry. 

Each night, piggy will ensure the coffee machine is prepared for the next morning and that there is a full glass of water on Master’s bedside table. 

Each night, piggy is allowed to cuddle with Master in his bed before being tucked to sleep in the closet. Unless Master permits piggy to spend the night in his bed, piggy must not make any assumptions nor attempt to wheedle its way in. piggy accepts that its sleeping spot is by default in the closet and that it no longer has a place in Master’s bed. 

piggy will hold no property nor finances, according Master full control over its purchase. piggy is allowed to use Master’s credit card for grocery purchases and things pertaining to the household/hygiene needs. Anything else must be approved by Master. 

Cuckqueaning Rules 

piggy submits to being cucked by Master with Ms D for the period of the contract. It acknowledges that it is rescinding its right to influence or terminate Master’s relationship with Ms D. 

piggy accepts that it is only allowed to use its safeword if the following are not adhered to:

  • Master cucks piggy with Ms D for a maximum of one night a week. 
  • Master does not spend the night with Ms D. 
  • Master manages his time well and ends the night by midnight. 
  • Master prepares piggy for each cucking, reminding it of its role, place, and lack of control over being cucked. 
  • Master provides piggy with sufficient tasks to engage in over the course of being cucked. 
  • Master has a debrief call with piggy after each cucking to provide aftercare. 
  • Master wraps up each cucking with a scene in which piggy is again reminded of its role, place and lack of control over being cucked. 

piggy accepts that being cucked is instrumental to its degradation and long-term dehumanization. piggy will seize each cucking experience as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth, and will focus its energy on service, dedication and discipline. 

piggy will raise any concerns it has to Master in a respectful manner, accepting that it is Master’s decision as to whether changes be made. It acknowledges that this is no longer within its control and tantrums will be punished harshly. 

Sexual Rules

piggy will learn and commit to memory the slave positions taught to it by Master. It will execute them well and focus on staying in position no matter the stimuli. 

piggy submits to Master’s pain, and trusts that Master will keep it safe. It accepts that Master does not need a reason to hurt it. piggy will never attempt to shield itself from Master’s blows or strokes. It will always take pain as gracefully as it can muster.

piggy submits to wearing its female chastity belt 24/7, removed only when Master chooses. piggy may request the belt be removed to facilitate exercise or enemas, but the decision is Master’s. 

piggy will check with Master during the day as to whether its ass will be used that night and administer an enema accordingly. 

piggy submits to having its ass trained, stretched and destroyed, as per Master’s will, even if this means that piggy will face difficulty reaching anal orgasm. piggy will contribute to its stretching on Master’s instruction. 

piggy’s mouth and hands are available for Master’s use 24/7. Upon instruction, piggy will use its mouth and hands to pleasure and bring Master to orgasm. piggy accepts that its pleasure is of no importance, and that Master may choose to ignore it throughout its service. piggy will clean Master up after ejaculation and leave as unobtrusively as it can. 

piggy accepts that it should not expect any form of pussy interaction, be it fingering or cunnilingus, by Master. piggy’s pussy will only be used as a lube dispenser and will remain chaste otherwise. If Master inserts his cock in piggy’s pussy for lubrication, piggy will strive not to cum as lube dispensers do not deserve orgasms of any kind. 

piggy accepts that it is no longer allowed to initiate deep kissing with Master. It is instead to make out with Master’s feet upon instruction. If piggy wishes to show affection, it may request to be allowed to worship Master’s feet. 

piggy accepts that it is only allowed clitoral stimulation at Master’s instruction. It will not interact with its clitoris apart from hygiene needs. When allowed to stimulate its clitoris, piggy will refrain from edging, focusing only on teasing it but staying far from release. 

For every 10 times that piggy is cucked, piggy may be allowed to attain some form of clitoral release, but it is Master’s decision as to the how and also whether the orgasm is ruined or not. If Master decides to rescind this reward, piggy will accept Master’s decision and remain orgasmless. 

Punishment Rules 

If piggy infringes any of the rules set out above, it will submit itself to punishment. The form and extent of the punishment shall be at Master’s pleasure, and Master shall make it clear that piggy is being punished.

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