Stretched to the max!

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

Master has been changing up the way we play of late and I absolutely love it. Our play typically revolves around some form of pain play, rough face fucking and a lot of anal pounding. For a long time now, it has been more or less always in that order. I guess there’s something quite meditative about pain play that we always start off with it, whether it’s solely impact or impact with a dose of something else, like clamps or electroplay. I can space quite easily with regular hard impact strokes, especially with thuddy implements and canes. I often take these while in a bentover position, honor bound to stay still, so the whole process is quite ritualistic.

This weekend, though, Master decided to shake things up. On Saturday, he threw me in the small closet for about fifteen minutes, always a nice way to get me in the mood while he picks out the toys he wants to use on me. When he pulled me out of the closet, he immediately had me kneel and suck him. Some face fucking ensued till he was nice and hard and I was choking on his cock. Then he had me get into what I best describe as the yoga pose, child’s pose, on the bed… Knees apart, butt to ankles, face and chest flat on the mattress, hands stretched out beyond my head, palms flat on the mattress as well.

I thought he was going to start giving me pain, but instead he started fingering my ass quite roughly and spanking my clit and pussy with his other hand. My goodness, was I wet. While thrusting his fingers deep in my ass, he started taunting me for having such a loose ass that he had zero difficulty getting all his fingers in. He reminded me that he can’t wait to fuck Ms D’s tight pussy this coming week, and of course that made me cream even more. By the time he shoved his cock in my ass, it was so warmed up there was no resistance. The humiliation continued with Master comparing my loose ass to Ms D’s tight pussy.

I figured we were going to focus on anal play for the scene, so color me surprised when he started paddling me with the delrin loop while balls deep in my ass, me lying face down on the bed. It was quite the experience to take pain while simultaneously being ass fucked. “Looks like this is what I need to do to make your ass tighter,” Master exclaimed. I hadn’t noticed, but it was true that I clenched my ass on his cock every time he hit me. That scene continued with him raining blows on my ass and thighs, fucking my ass and throat interchangeably. I felt like a piece of meat, for real, being tossed about, turned and orientated to suit his needs. He finished off on my face before sending me to clean myself up. Hot!

Today, I cleaned up our dildos for our scene, as requested. I brought two with me from Singapore. One is about the same size as Master in girth, but slightly shorter at 7″. The other is pretty thick, about 1.8″ in girth and also about 7″ long. I’ve been able to take it in the past with some warm up, but it’s never been very easy. Anyway, we started the scene with me in the closet again (starting to see a pattern here), and then he had me bend over the bed and hold my ass cheeks apart to start. He rubbed his cock along the length of my pussy, pushing it in just about halfway to lube himself up, then entered my ass quickly. Because of all the anal fucking we’ve been doing, this was easy for me to take.

He fucked me like this for a while before withdrawing and replacing his cock with the smaller dildo. It went in easily too. I guess he figured I needed a challenge so he swapped it out for the larger dildo, but guess what.. My ass swallowed that one too. Lol. Master started thrusting it in and out of my ass, focusing on stretching the entrance to my asshole, a sensation I quite enjoy because I can feel it pop in and out. He continued to stretch my ass with the large dildo and then his fingers for a bit, and then I heard him lubing something up, a lot of pressure at the entrance to my ass, followed by the sensation of being extremely filled up. Master had inserted his cock and the smaller dildo (same size as him) at the same time. I was being double penetrated in the ass!

Master told me to put my knees on the bed and to spread my ass cheeks with my hands. It was a little finicky as he started fucking me as the dildo kept threatening to slide out, so I held it in place as he fucked me hard. Wow, that was quite something. I wasn’t in any pain, but my ass felt stretched to the max. At some point, he removed the dildo and replaced it with his fingers. He could get all four fingers in around his cock while he pounded me. It felt amazing. He started humiliating me for having a loose ass, yet again, and made me tell him when he’d be getting Ms D’s tight pussy. “Wednesday night, Master, Wednesday night.” My head was all sorts of places by that point. I was thanking him for wrecking my one usable hole so he had more reason to appreciate Ms D’s tight pussy and ass. I felt like a fuck toy that he pushed to the limit, no care nor concern for keeping me tight, destroying my ass just because he could.

When he eventually had me lie face down on the bed and entered my ass with just his cock, I could hardly feel him and I knew he had to feel the same. I felt wrecked. I was sobbing into the duvet, apologizing for my useless hole. He, of course, was laughing and taunting me for being such a depraved useless pig. And so we continued, him shoving the dildo back in alongside his cock so I’d be tight enough for him to feel something. In this position with me face down, the dildo sat nicely against his pubic mound just above his cock and he was able to thrust hard alongside the dildo. I don’t know if it was from being overwhelmed or just from struggling to take the sheer size of what was in me, but I couldn’t cum from my ass at all. I have to admit I quite liked that, and I voiced it to Master. I felt like a fuck pig and thanked him for paying my pleasure no attention at all.

As though in response to this, Master pulled out and told me to flip over onto my back and hold my knees to my chest. He started spanking my exposed clit and pussy hard, bringing tears to my eyes. He taunted me more, telling me that this was what I deserved while Ms D would be the one enjoying his tongue, his fingers, the vibrator on her clit. Me? All I got was pain. I was so far gone at this point I think I was just mindlessly thanking him on repeat for ruining me. This time, he finished in my ass. I was surprised he could, since I definitely could feel him a lot less than usual.

It’s been a few hours since we fucked but my ass still has the nice sensation of being fucked and stretched hard. I’ve asked Master to continue stretching my ass please. I really do like the humiliation of being his loose piggy, feeding my cuckqueaning kink of him getting better tighter pussy elsewhere. This week should be fun with Master seeing Ms D for the second time. We’ve discussed tasks for me to do while he’s with her and we’ll have our call after to round up the scene. I’m hopeful for a good cucking experience so that I can truly start embracing my new life. ❤️

3 thoughts on “Stretched to the max!

    1. I think we’re going to try and see if he can DAP me with the bigger dildo AND his cock first. His hand is pretty big so fisting won’t happen till I am a lot looser. We might also pick up some larger dildos to focus on stretching me out more. 😂

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      1. Understood. I’m sure it would be rather challenging to take a guy’s whole hand in your ass. It would require some training and prep for sure! It would be quite hot if he had one of his lovers use their smaller female hand to fist you first. Although I don’t think you’re typically involved when he has sex with other women. Just a fantasy that popped into my head. 😜

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