Cucked by Ms D Part 1

Photo by armina arhm on Unsplash

Master is having dinner with Ms D right now. They just met, and I received the instruction from Master to put on my nipple clamps. He will inform her of them at some point through dinner and she will decide when I get to remove them. I felt ambitious so rather than go with the easy rubber tipped clamps on a chain, I selected the clover clamps with weights. Master said he likes it when I am ambitious. I hope I don’t live to regret this.

The pain helps me focus. It cuts through all the emotional hoops and gives me something tangible to focus on – my poor nipples. I’m sitting as still as I can so as not to make the weights swing too much, so I’m typing this out on my smartphone rather than on my computer. Master told me to be prepared to keep them on for long, and I’m secretly hoping I’ll get to suffer throughout their dinner. The knowledge that I’m in pain while they’re getting to know each other and flirting is such a turn on.

This will be the third time that Master is cucking me in a month. This time feels a lot easier. I think I’ve finally got used to Master taking his weekly trips to Paris. Before these, we’d never spent nights apart at all, so they certainly took some getting used to. I think I’ve also learnt to embrace my role as Master’s cuckquean slave with a lot more grace than before. I guess Master was right when he said that I would get used to it, just as I’ve got used to wearing the chastity belt and now my collar 24/7, just as I’ve got used to going without vaginal sex and clitoral stimulation, just as I will also get used to sleeping in Master’s closet.

Last night, Master prepped me for today’s cucking by having me worship his feet and then his cock. Foot worship is something that we only recently started doing, when I begged Master to “officially” deny me certain things. Over time, Master had already stopped engaging in these acts with me as part of my training to be his anal-only fuck pig, but he never made it known that they were off the table, so I sought some clarification. The acts I’m no longer eligible for are pussy fucking (obviously), fingering of my pussy, cunnilingus, and making out with Master. Instead, I get fingered and fucked in the ass, and I get to make out with Master’s feet. 🥺 (There’s no substitute for cunnilingus, sadly.)

I love making out with Master’s feet because it makes me feel so low and so small. It’s still winter here so it’s pretty cold. I usually get under the duvet and lay myself diagonal to Master, my face where his feet are. There, I kiss, lick and suck till Master nudges me to tell me to switch foot, or that he’s had enough. He always laughs, whenever I am done, that my face smells like his feet. No wonder he won’t kiss me! While making out with Master’s feet, I like to imagine him making out with other women. Master is a passionate kisser and it must feel so very nice to make out with him. It’s a pity I no longer deserve such pleasures.

When I was done, Master hugged me close and started teasing me by telling me what he would do to Ms D today. He said he hasn’t licked a pussy in a long time and he’s looking forward to doing that. Of course that made me squirm and gush. To drive his point home, he brought his fingers up against my chastity shield, right where my clit was, and gave it a little push. I couldn’t feel anything but my mind could imagine how it might feel if the shield weren’t present. I miss the attention, I really do, but again, I know I no longer deserve such pleasures.

I asked Master if I could suck his cock and he agreed, so I slid under the covers and gently sucked on his cock till I felt him grow in my mouth. He’d shared that he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to perform, having a very high pressure meeting the following morning. His mind was on work and it was difficult for him to get it off work, but I set my mind to try. I got between his legs and started alternating between using my hand and mouth on his cock and deepthroating him. It wasn’t too long before he got very hard, and I emerged from under the covers and told him, in a playful manner, “Master, it doesn’t look like you have any trouble getting hard.” He laughed, unlocked my chastity belt and we had intense anal sex.

I knew Master still wasn’t sure if he’d be able to orgasm, but he pounded me hard regardless, knowing full well that I needed it that night, especially before a cucking scene the next day. But guess what? Maybe it was the combination of my wailing and my tears, but he came. Hard. Of course, I was a proud little piggy and it showed. On my end, I thoroughly enjoyed the pounding, especially when it provided a nice respite from the migraine I had been nursing since the morning. Master didn’t slap me in this scene nor shake my head around too much as he didn’t want to make it worse, but the fucking sure helped, at least for the time we fucked.

As we lay in bed cuddling, Master suggested that I sleep in my piggy bed that night, rather than wait till the following night. I must have looked surprised at his suggestion as he asked if I was up for it. I’ll admit that I had to think it over a little. On one hand, I wanted to sleep with Master the night before he left for Paris, but on the other, I knew that sleeping in my piggy bed was a good practice and would help keep me in a good space. So I agreed, and I asked to be tucked in after we’d cuddled a little bit more.

When Master was ready to turn the lights off, he headed off to use the restroom a last time and told me to enjoy the last few minutes in his bed. I felt at peace when I heard that, for some reason. When he got back to the bedroom, I was ready with my pillow in hand. He opened the closet door and I climbed inside and got comfortable. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and then shut the doors, leaving them ajar so that airflow wouldn’t be an issue. I didn’t sleep very well last night, a mixture of sleeping in a new bed and also managing my migraine pain which had returned with a vengeance. But my heart was at peace, I felt like I was exactly where I should be.

This morning, before Master left, I shared with him that I had struggled to sleep last night. He replied that I would get used to it, but that I might get to share his bed when he returns on Thursday. ❤️ Annnddd I just received a little voice message from Ms D permitting me to remove my clamps. It sounds like their dinner is going well and I’m going to channel happy thoughts and good feelings to get me through the rest of the night.

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