My Fondest Cuckqueaning Scene

Today, I was asked whether I’ve ever participated in a cuckqueaning scene, or have I always been in another room or not in the same place at all. Truth is, yes I have. Multiple times, in fact. I just never wrote much about them because most didn’t quite check my boxes. Most of the women who wanted me present were either keen on threesomes, looking to be co-dominated by me and Master, or interesting in subbing alongside me. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these permutations. I still enjoyed each and every one of these scenes, even if the cuckqueaning was simply implied or something for Master and I to pick up on after the lady had left.

There was, however, one lady who was very interested in our dynamic and equally interested in topping and humiliating me. We only had one scene with her before the pandemic hit and my country went into lockdown. By the time restrictions lifted, we had drifted too far to pick up where we left off, so we stayed friends but didn’t play again. I’m going to be writing this from memory and while my recount will be based on what really happened, I will be tweaking some parts to neaten the delivery, because, here’s the thing, her ideas were fantastic, but she wasn’t an experienced domme at all so the execution was a little flawed. Let’s just say that I’ll be remembering this scene as fondly as I can.

This was early 2020. I’d just started exploring cuckqueaning with Master. We’d been seeing each other a year by that point so I felt like I was ready to give it a go with him. Master had a couple of play partners, and my very first cuckqueaning scene was with one of them. She came over to play with and fuck Master, knowing full well I was home and in the next room. Mid way through their scene, I was allowed to step in to see her. She had a blindfold on so I couldn’t see her face, nor could she mine. Still, that image of her tied up on the bed, her legs tied spread and her pussy pointed right at me, will probably remain in my memory forever.

Anyway, my second cuckqueaning experience with Master involved someone he’d met here on fl. She was an expatriate, like him, and identified as a switch. She was very keen to play with the two of us and relished the idea of being a cuckcake. That evening, she arrived dressed in (I kid you not) a very hot black latex dress. This was in Singapore, mind you, with temperatures averaging thirty degrees Celsius. So kudos to her, she looked stunning and it was obvious that Master thought so to.

After the formalities, I scurried off to prepare and serve dinner. While I was banging around in the kitchen, I thought I heard the faint sound of moaning. But with the whir of the oven in the background, I wasn’t sure. I peeked through the small glass window in the kitchen door and, sure enough, spotted Master and Ms K, her name, making out on the sofa. I have no clue whether they fucked or not, I couldn’t see much and the oven had dinged. When I emerged from the kitchen with dinner, Master strutted over to me, a smirk on his face, and held up a used condom. He only disposed of it after making sure I fully understood what it meant. I remember wishing he’d made me swallow the contents, like I usually did when we played, but I knew he was being careful not to push me too far in front of someone new.

So we had dinner. It was delicious and there was a lot of chatting and flirting at the table. Ms K was sitting bare assed on her chair, as Master had asked her to. She had also taken off her dress by this point and was sitting across me in a black latex bra and short latex skirt. Distracting, to say the least. Once we were done with dinner, Ms K and Master took a shower together while I did the dishes. I remember hearing a lot of laughter and moans coming from the shower. I was pretty sure they fucked again, and when they emerged, I was standing as instructed, naked from the waist down, standing with my legs spread on top of one of the dining chairs. I was also facing away from the bathroom so I could only hear them when they emerged.

I was so excited that I was already extremely wet, my pussy juice snaking down my thigh and threatening to create a wet patch on the seat of the chair. I had no idea what Ms K had in mind, but I knew she wanted the chance to top me. She pulled out a small jade ball from her handbag and showed it to me. It had a string attached to it and it looked weighty. As though reading my mind, she gave it a little toss before catching it in her palm and announcing to me that it was indeed quite heavy. She then told me she was going to see how tight my pussy was because hers was so tight she could milk a man to orgasm just by clenching and unclenching, her words, not mine. I was so wet that as hard as I tried, I could not keep the jade ball for long in my pussy. I wasn’t allowed to close my legs though I felt that would have made the task a little bit more achievable. But I guess my failure was the idea because it gave her the fodder she needed to mock me for my loose pussy, and mock me she did.

They told me to follow them as they adjourned to the bedroom. There, my cuffs were locked in front of my body and I was told to stand against the wall, facing it. I was told to assume the position for impact, which meant my hands were to be placed palms flat on the wall, slightly higher than my face. I was also to stick my butt out slightly while arching my back. Ms K started commenting on the obvious differences between our bodies… How my boobs were fake but still similar in size to hers, how her body was much curvier than mine, how she was much taller than I was. She asked Master how good I was at taking pain and Master offered to show her. He warmed me up a little before caning me hard. I was well trained enough to keep still and to keep count. She found it absolutely adorable (her words) and asked if she could use her crop on me. Master agreed and she went to town on my ass. Honestly, compared to Master’s strokes, hers were a lot lighter, BUT the whole situation was very hot.

She inserted one of my own kegel balls, a much bigger weighted ball than the jade one she’d used earlier, so it pretty much stayed in with little effort. However, she started piling on the weights. Pretty quickly, I felt the ball plop out of my sloppy pussy, landing on the floor with a thud. Laughter filled the room and I was told to go stand in the corner, facing the wall. I was only good enough to hear them fuck. So I did, and I remember being so incredibly turned on. I knew I’d have a heck of a time cleaning the floor up after we were done – pussy juice is slimy and sticky and dries up quickly. I could hear them making out, the sounds of their long kisses music to my ears. Eventually, I was told to turn around, and I did so to the view of Master inserting his cock in Ms K’s pussy, her eyes staring directly at me as she asked me how I felt watching my boyfriend (we weren’t married yet) with his cock in another woman.

It was quite dreamy. Master would fuck her for a while, pull out, remove the condom and beckon me over to suck him while he would use his mouth and fingers on her, keeping her nice and horny. When he was ready, he’d put on another condom and plunge right into her waiting pussy. After he came, he pulled off the condom and made me clean up his cock. When I was done, they pulled me up on the bed and Ms K sat her just-fucked pussy right onto my face. Ms K was curvy and she had a really nice meaty pussy. Plus, she was a very tall girl and bigger built than me. The weight of her and the sheer size of her pussy compared to my face suffocated me. I was licking for dear life, hoping she’d remember to let me breathe. Still, not a bad way to go. 😂

I felt Master straddle me and push my legs apart. Then he pushed his cock into me while making out with Ms K. He had just come so his cock was just chubby. He started comparing my pussy to hers, saying he couldn’t feel much in my loose pussy. Eventually, he pulled out and Ms K got off my face at the same time. The two of them flanked me, one on my left and one on my right. I felt my vibrator thrust into my hand and I was told to make myself cum. While the vibrator buzzed away against my engorged clit, Master and Ms K started kissing right above my face. I don’t think I’ve cum quite so hard and so beautifully before. I still think about that view from time to time. It’s hard to forget.

The rest of the night was spent rather casually. We had more wine, chit chatted about kink and our experiences with other partners, we experimented a little bit more with girl-on-girl action. Both Ms K and I had not had much experience with women so we traded tips on how to make each other cum. That was pretty wholesome. Lol. She left when none of us was able to deliver a sentence without yawning, and Master and I fell asleep in each other’s arms.

So this was my best in-person cuckqueaning scene. All the elements I needed were present. It’s a pity we didn’t have the chance to explore another scene with Ms K. As with all dynamics, the play gets better and better the more you know about each other’s likes, dislikes and buttons. I could tell she really enjoyed the role of a cuckcake; she was such a natural! Nonetheless, I’m pretty hopeful we find someone like this now, but even meaner. I don’t want to get to cum at the end of the scene! And I’d love to be sent to the closet to sleep in my piggy bed while she and Master fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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