I’m in a happy space!

I am happy.

In the past two days, Master has called me into his office to suck him off when he was ready to cum. So this is the compromise. Master still enjoys his me-time touching himself while surfing porn, and when he’s about ready to cum, he calls me in to finish him off, all the while still perusing porn as though I’m not there. I squeeze myself under his desk and remain as unobtrusive as I can while working hard on making him cum with my mouth and hands. I’m happy to report that I did a superb job both times so I will be used this way more often. I’m not really sure what I find hotter – Master using me as a sextoy or being told to get out once I’ve cleaned his cock with my mouth. 🤔

And then there was tonight. We played hard. I knew it was coming since we always have one intense scene every Sunday before the workweek starts. It’s a great way for Master to unwind and clear his head before Monday. So at 9.30pm sharp, I was kneeling on the bed in wait. Music was playing from my computer speakers and there were three implements on the bed that I’d been tasked to select. As usual, being a sucker for pain, I’d gone with three I knew would be difficult to take, but which I adored – the thick rattan cane, the sadistick (a flexible metal rod with a rubber tip that you pull back and release with force), and the looped delrin paddle.

When Master entered, he told me to stand at the edge of the bed with my hands on it, back arched. This was the first position – bend – and I was to remember it. Then he starting spanking me, hard enough for me to realize he was warming me up. Next, he reached for the delrin paddle and started using it on my ass and the backs of my upper thighs. Mmm I have to admit I really love it when he hits my thighs. They hurt so badly and mark so brilliantly after. When we were still in Singapore, I used to take regular pole dance lessons so I’d begged Master to go light on my thighs as I didn’t want to have to explain the marks to my teacher and classmates. It feels liberating to know that here, I can wear purple bruises down my legs and no one would be any the wiser.

I have no clue how many strokes I took but I knew I would have nice marks from the delrin paddle. Then, Master picked up the rattan cane and told me to start counting. Swish. Un, Master. Swish. Deux, Master. And this continued until he stopped. I saw through the reflection in the glass of the window that he’d picked up his mobile phone. I thought he was taking a picture of me, but he was taking very long. I was perplexed but I didn’t move. Suddenly, he placed his mobile phone on the bed, right below my face. There was a picture on the screen of a very beautiful woman. It only showed the bottom half of her face and her lips were gorgeous. And her body… My god. Tight with beautiful breasts. Not big and fake like mine were, but pear shaped, firm and a good size.

“You know who that is, don’t you?” Master asked. Yes, yes indeed I did. It was Ms D, the lady Master sees this Wednesday in Paris. He told me she’d sent him a few pictures to taunt me with. Well, it worked. Taunted, I was. I like my body, but I was nowhere as tight as she was. Clearly, she worked out a lot more than I did. Her tummy was taut, her nails beautifully done, her make up flawless. She made me feel kind of frumpy, truth be told. “Isn’t she gorgeous?” he asked again, as he picked up his mobile phone to swipe to the next picture. This one was taken from the top down, she was lying on the floor on her side, clad in very sexy black panties and sexy black heels. Again, her body was perfection.

Then, the strokes restarted. “Keep your eyes on the picture as you count. Don’t you dare look away.” Yes Master. He alternated the cane with the sadistick, not stopping till I’d reached trente (thirty). The last few strokes were delivered quickly in succession and I barely managed to stay in position with my feet planted flat on the ground. I knew that lifting them would only result in more punishment. I definitely could have taken more, but I guess Master felt it was time to take my ass, so he ordered me to kneel before informing me that this was the second position. OK, I could keep up so far. I sucked his cock, feeling it swell and harden in my mouth, then throat, feeling him push it deep in my throat as he held the back of my head down against him. He only released me when I started gagging.

“Lie down with your head off the edge of the bed.” As I quickly assumed the position, Master informed me this was the third position – edge. He fucked my throat like this for awhile, only letting me breathe when I started gagging or choking. I love being used this way. Yes, it is sexual and maybe not really bdsm play, but I love being dominated through face fucking and anal sex. Perhaps it’s more the cognizance that these are the only ways Master uses me, rather than the physical acts themselves, that make me feel absolutely submissive. Engaging in them reminds me that I’m just an anal-only fuck pig. My pleasure doesn’t matter when we fuck, only Master’s does. Master uses my ass because it’s his preferred hole, and I’m lucky I can cum from it, but it wouldn’t change a thing if I couldn’t.

I’m on my period right now so I had a tampon up my pussy. Master didn’t show my clit nor pussy any attention today. Sometimes, he slaps his cock against my clit to tease it, or pushes himself inside my sloppy pussy to lubricate his cock. Today, all he did was rub his cock outside my pussy and it lubed him up well enough to take me up the ass. And he did, missionary style at first so he could choke me while fucking me. Of course I started begging for permission to cum and then came lots. Then, “bend,” Master called. For a moment, I was lost. It didn’t mean anything to me, and then I remembered. I quickly got into the first position, standing with my hands on the bed, back arched. “You’re such a stupid piggy, aren’t you?” Master berated before picking up the delrin paddle and giving me a couple of hard swats on the ass. He plunged his cock into my ass while I was still tensed from the pain. It was quite splendid.

He fucked me really long and really hard, making me face fuck myself in between. His cock never entered my pussy once and it was like my clit didn’t even exist. When I was lying on my belly with him on top of me, his cock deep in my ass, he reminded me that this is the only way I’m fucked now. All the (pussy and clit) orgasms, the pussy fucking, the pleasure, they go to proper women, not pigs like me. After Master finally came, we cuddled for a bit, hugging each other tight and whispering words of love and endearment. I asked him why all the women he’s hooked up with in France have been so insanely hot. He laughed and said I should be happy that when he’s not using his piggy, he’s enjoying some top shelf quality ladies. I had a fleeting thought that that made me bottom shelf stuff. The stuff you have often enough because it’s cheap and easily available, but lacking the refinement and pleasure of the high-end top shelf products. Yes, he was right, and I could get behind that idea.

I talked a little bit about the importance of the pre-cucking scene for me. Today was absolutely spot on. As I took pain while staring at Ms D’s perfect body, I felt put in place. What right did I have to deny Master the pleasure of such perfection when I had no basis for comparison? Of course he should enjoy himself with her, and I’m happy to say that whatever jealousy I felt was immensely hot. Oh, and also, my bed in the closet is to be used for the first time that night. While Master is away in the arms of Ms D, I am to sleep in my pet bed, off Master’s bed, and use the opportunity to reflect on my new role in life – his frequently cucked piggy slave. The belt went back on after I cleaned myself up, further cementing the fact that Master gave zero fucks about my pleasure. Of course I do get pleasure from being treated this way, but clit orgasms… God I miss them.

(To Ms D, if you’re reading, thank you so much for the pictures. They really contributed to an amazing scene. And thank you, also, so much for being my Master’s muse. I truly hope that you will find great pleasure in your play with him. I am both humbled and honored at being allowed this little glimpse of your gorgeous body, and I have no doubt Master will relish his time with you.)

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