My Oral Fixation

I have an oral fixation for Master’s cock. It’s interesting because I’ve never quite enjoyed oral sex as much as I do with Master. I have always enjoyed, to a certain extent, going down on my partners, but I suffer from a short attention span… and laziness. Well, perhaps more of the latter. It was fun to give blowjobs as long as they were on my terms – short, and didn’t require me to put in too much hard work. With most of my previous partners, this was never an issue because they were always keen to get to the fucking. But with Master… It’s something I’ve come to crave. And ironically, servicing Master orally is not short, and certainly not easy. 

I crave the way he smells. I could spend so much time just nuzzling my nose into his crotch… Much like a pet, I reckon. He smells musky in a way that turns me on so intensely. It’s a smell I’ve come to associate with him – my owner, my husband, my lover, my home. I feel like if I were to play a game where I sniffed different crotches to identify his, I would succeed. I’m not offering to sniff other crotches, of course. I’m just saying that I recognize his scent as distinctly his, and I love it so much. 

Master never lets me linger for too long without interacting with his cock though. He gets impatient and growls at me to start sucking. And so I do. And I crave the sensation of his cock getting firm in my mouth. My favorite part is when he’s chubby enough to slide to the back of my throat, cutting off my airflow, but not so hard I have to deep throat yet. It never stays this way for long, though, but I love it. It’s soft enough to be manipulated in my mouth; I can swirl my tongue around it while still having it fill up most of my mouth. Delicious.

And then of course he gets very very hard. I crave the way my throat yields to his cock. I can feel the tip of his cock push against the back of my throat, and then my throat instinctively opens and he slides in. Well, considering that the alternative is to get rammed, which hurts, I’d say my throat is quite self-preserving. We’ve danced this dance so many times that we both know the steps, the best positions for me to be in to facilitate fluidity in movement. I always start out kneeling between his spread legs, and then move to face away from him. I find my throat arcs nicely in that position, and I can deep throat with abandon. 

I’m getting quite good at suppressing my gag reflex, but often, I like to trigger it while bouncing my head up and down Master’s cock. He likes to feel my throat constrict around his cock when I gag, and it also helps lube up his cock nicely for entry into my ass. Win win, you see. But most importantly, it makes me incredibly wet to know that I am willingly forcing myself to gag because it feels good for him. And I suppose that visually, this must be quite a sight because this is usually the point at which Master yanks me off his cock, throws me on the bed and starts impaling my ass. 


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