Sunday Shenanigans

It seems that I have a pretty fun week coming up. Master’s date earlier this week went very well and Ms S will be coming over to play with Master on Tuesday night. And then, on Saturday, Master will be seeing Ms N again. I haven’t been properly cucked since the last time Ms N came over which was three weekends ago, so I am quite excited. I know that when I was extremely horny, I suggested to Master that he cuck me every week. But the truth is, I don’t think I could manage that kind of frequency. My libido waxes and wanes in accordance with my cycle, and the thought of being cucked when my drive is low is quite unbearable. Once or twice a month is probably all that I can handle. 

So although there was an opportunity last weekend for Master to cuck me, I asked that he not. I wasn’t in the right headspace as we’d not had the opportunity to have a good scene of our own following Ms N’s last visit. But more importantly, I didn’t feel too comfortable with the lady whom Master was supposed to meet, so I vetoed it and asked that he not pursue that liaison. They’ve not met in person at all, but she lives a little too close for comfort (think same block) and she also struck me as being someone who might be a little too eager for my comfort. She had suggested that he go over while I was asleep to fuck. Sorry, not sorry. That’s not OK with me. 

(Side note: Although I am a cuckquean, and I do enjoy being powerless in my dynamic with Master, I am very particular about the women he meets. Master knows that I have huge trust issues because of my past relationship. He does proactively let me read his text messages with his play partners so that I never need worry that anything is going on that might make me genuinely uncomfortable. I don’t do this once I’m comfortable with said female and I know she’s cool. But with new engagements, I do like to do so, so that I can form my opinions as to whether or not I think she might be the type of cuckcake we seek – someone low maintenance, looking for fun, not interested in stealing my man.) 

Anyway, back to today. Master and I had plans to have a heavy scene in the evening to put me in a good space mentally for the coming week. At about 5pm, Master told me to get ready to be caged. I’m not sure how much time I spent in the cage, but I guess it was probably about half an hour. I like this routine we have of Master caging me for some time before we start playing. Without my mobile phone and other distractions, that’s not much to do except get excited about the upcoming play. Well, and snooze, of course. I think I napped for about ten minutes in the cage, which was very nice. Can’t blame me… Fluffy blanket, cool air conditioning and all. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Master started the scene by blindfolding me and putting me in the stocks in a box. This is basically a wooden box with stocks for the wrists and ankles. Once you’re locked in it, you’re in a bent over position and there is absolutely no way to get out. It’s extremely strenuous on the thighs. Master also put our inflatable latex collar on me, pumping it full enough that my breathing was somewhat restricted – not enough for me to pass out, but tight enough for my breathing to be laboured. Once all that was set up, he started spanking me and giving me slight prods to test my balance. I was steady, I didn’t budge at all. 

Satisfied,  Master started flogging me hard with our heavy leather flogger. When my legs threatened to give way, he motivated me to keep my legs straight by using the magic wand on my clit. Oh, it was delicious. I haven’t had a clit (nor pussy) orgasm since the end of May and I rarely get to enjoy the vibrator at all. It didn’t take long before I was dripping pussy juice down my thigh and moaning very loudly from being teased. I believe all of this lasted for about five or ten minutes, at which point I had to beg to lower myself into a squat as my thighs were trembling from the strain. 

I’m pretty pint sized, so I was able to take a short break by squatting and resting my butt (and weight) on the edge of the box. It was still strenuous, but utlised a different set of muscles, thus allowing me to prolong my time in the stocks. I didn’t get a break from the impact though. Master started spanking me hard and using the small plastic flogger on my clit while I remained in a low squat. And when I’d rested enough (in his books), he yanked me back up again. He started fucking my ass with a small dildo to warm me up. It felt delicious and I started cumming almost instantly – half from the sensations, half from the humiliation of the knowledge that I’ve been anal-only for more than a month now. 

After the dildo came more of the flogger, and then more of the vibrator. No cumming from the clit of course… Just endless teasing with the vibrator and Master’s reminders that my clit orgasms are but a distant memory. Master left me squatting in the stocks while he set up the suspension rig for our next scene. My legs were trembling from strain and threatening to give way, but he just laughed at me and told me I’d have to wait till he was done. Those were probably the longest 30 seconds in my life! Finally, he released my hands, leaving my feet still trapped in the box, got me to stand and cuffed my hands overhead. 

Then came even more impact – this time with our thick rattan cane. I was tasked to count, and I did – all the way from un (one) to vingt-et-un (21). I don’t know why the uneven number this time, but I guess Master didn’t want me to assume he would end at 20 like he did the last time he caned me. The whole time Master caned me, he whispered deliciously naughty pieces of information in my ear – about how he’s extremely happy that he fucks me in the ass, since he gets ample pussy elsewhere, how he’s going to thoroughly enjoy pleasuring both Ms S and Ms N when they come over, how I’m going to be where I belong (the cage) while he fucks them. Oh, and the final taunt – how I better put my mouth and ass to good use so he still retains interest in me as his cuck wife. 

Well, of course I sucked like my life depended on it when he let me out of my restraints and knelt me before him. You best believe I brought his dick to life in my wet warm mouth. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Master used my ass really well today, bringing me to anal orgasm after anal orgasm. It’s almost crazy when I think about the fact that he hasn’t penetrated my pussy in more than a month now. It never used to be his favorite hole, but it still got some attention, as compared to none. He used to at least fuck it a little at the start to lube his cock up. But now, I get so wet from the orgasm denial he doesn’t even need to stick his cock in my pussy to lube it up. All he needs to do is rub his cock head against the entrance to my pussy and it’s good to go. 

Let’s talk about anal sex… It’s uncomfortable. I have to prep myself physically prior to anal sex by douching myself thoroughly to ensure I’m clean. We do ass to mouth so I really don’t want any surprises there. The process of douching is time consuming, tiring, and occasionally causes some stomach discomfort. And then the fucking itself… It’s not quite the same as pussy sex. The ass doesn’t automatically open wide to welcome a cock inside; it takes active relaxation and submission on my part to let Master in. And Master is big. He’s a good 8 inches long and has decent girth. If I fight him, I’m going to get hurt. So I have to accommodate. It’s the only way to enjoy the experience. 

I think I cum because of the knowledge that I’m being taken in a way that is so… Biologically unnatural. The anus is a mass of nerve endings so it’s often a mixture of strange pleasure and hair standing discomfort. And my head loves that, despite my body sometimes just wanting to reject the foreign object. I oscillate between wanting it to end and wanting it to continue for a long long time more. And because of all of this, it’s amazing. I never feel quite as used as when I’m fucked anally, with no attention or thought given to my actual biological sources of pleasure. I’m physically reduced to a sex toy, a fuckpig, and that knowledge makes me orgasm over and over again. 

I’d be lying if I said I don’t remember what pussy and clit orgasms feel like. Of course I do. It’s only been slightly more than a month. But what’s true is that I’m starting to associate the discomfort of anal sex with pleasure. Yes, I can cum from anal sex, but it’s more of a pleasure born from a place of discomfort than just straightforward pleasure. I love anal sex, but what I love about it is not that it feels good, but that it doesn’t. I think it also helps that I haven’t been cumming any other way except anally. In the absence of proper enjoyable pleasure, anal orgasms seem a pretty decent alternative. Beggars can’t be choosers, am I right? 

At the end, Master gave me a choice – 10 seconds with the vibrator, or 20 seconds with my fingers. Of course I chose the vibrator… And of course I managed to edge. After more than a month of not cumming and being teased so frequently, I’m easy. I’m in a good space now… I’m feeling mentally and emotionally ready to be cucked twice this week. I’m eager to hear Master bring both play partners to orgasm after orgasm while I am belted and caged, feeling both sorry and incredibly turned on at my situation. I mean, whichever way I look at my life now, there’s no question I’m living my dream of being an extremely treasured and loved, but also denied and humiliated cuckquean slave. 

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