The Shy Cuckcake

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Some months ago, shortly after I’d moved in with Master, he had a playdate with a play partner he had met on fetlife whom I shall call Y. Y was very new to kink, and they’d played once or twice before. She knew about the nature of our relationship, and that I enjoyed the knowledge that he had sex with other women. This was the first playdate that I’d be around for, or at least in the same house. She was very shy and didn’t want to meet me in person. Master agreed that she wouldn’t have to. I’d be in the second bedroom that we used as an entertainment room for the entire duration of her visit. I was tasked to write about whatever happened, as far as I could see and hear, in real time. The following is what I came up with…

Master has gone down to pick up Y whom he will be playing with and fucking tonight in place of me. I am quite excited because although they have played before, this is the first time that I am at home while she is here. I have been confined to the entertainment room and told not to leave it under any circumstances. It is quite unnerving to know that there will be another woman in the house with me, but that we will never see each other. It is humiliating that I have to stay hidden to avoid making her uncomfortable. Master has reminded me that tonight is about Y’s and his pleasure, not mine.

The front door has opened, meaning that Master is back with Y. I know to expect a knock on the door – a signal that she is now well and truly in the house. Not a minute later, I hear it. Shortly after, Master enters the room to give me my first task – I am to fold Y’s clothes neatly. They will judge how well I have done at the end when Master comes into the room I am in to pick up the stack of folded clothes for her. While we are talking, I can hear the sounds of her taking a shower.

Master reenters the mancave with Y’s clothes. The first thing I notice about them is how nice they smell. The scent is not strong enough to be perfume, so it is likely the type of detergent she uses at home. It is floral but not overpowering. As I lay them out to fold them up neatly, I can detect a hint of her. These are clothes she has been in for an entire work day and there is a faint mix of perspiration in her blouse, and a slightly stronger musky scent in her lacy black thong – Calvin Klein… very nice.

Master surprises me by letting me know that Y is feeling playful and has agreed to allow me to take a quick peek at her in the bedroom. He holds my hand and leads me into the bedroom. I am not sure what to expect but my breath catches in my throat when I see her. She is lying on the bed with her head off the edge and her legs pointing towards the door. This is to prevent me from seeing her face. I am inwardly relieved because I don’t want her to see me either. Somehow, that will be even more humiliating. Master has tied both her legs in futomomos and her hands are cuffed together in front of her. He spread her legs so I can see her sex. As he does that, she gives a lovely little gasp. I can’t help biting my lip when I see just how lovely she is in person. Master sends me back to the entertainment room and returns to the bedroom.

The walls are pretty thick, but I soon hear the sound of moaning. It sounds like Y is being pleasured by Master. Shortly after, I think I can hear the sound of Master fucking her, but I can’t be sure. I feel terribly turned on knowing that Master is taking another woman in the next room. I also feel extremely frustrated that I haven’t permission to touch myself and relieve the ache between my thighs. The towel I have been sitting on feels slick with my juices. I can smell my arousal. I keep thinking about Master fucking Y in the pussy in the next room. My pussy feels empty and very needy.

I hear Master cum. I wonder how it feels for him, shooting his load into Y’s pussy while I am just next door. It must be quite the power trip. The door to the mancave opens and Master enters, still panting from having just cum. The condom still hangs from his cock, full of his cum. I don’t need a reminder of what I am to do. I gently slide it off his cock, clean his cock with my mouth, then empty his cum onto my palm and lick it up. It has been a while since I’ve eaten Master’s cum. It tastes really nice. He returns to the bedroom and I hear a fair bit more moaning. He is probably fingering her and making her cum over and over again. This fills me with a pinch of envy. I know my aching clit and pussy will probably not be cumming tonight or any time soon.

I am surprised that I don’t feel any jealousy towards Y, only excitement that Master is enjoying himself with her. Still, I cannot wait for her to leave so that I can cuddle with him and read to him what I have written.

She didn’t overstay her welcome, leaving shortly after they were done. I snuggled in bed with Master and read my writing out loud to him. We debriefed the session in great detail. Master is always very careful to ensure that I am in a good space mentally and emotionally, and I was. I’m penning this almost four months after the event so I can’t quite recall whether we fucked, but knowing me and Master, we probably did. And this, dear reader, is a recount of the very first cuckqueaning scene Master and I had, where all three of us – Master, me and the cuckcake – were together. There have been others, and there will be plenty more, I am sure.

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